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Our dancing machine… Our hardworker writer, composer, producer and singer, our M CEO… Please stop overworking yourself and get some rest… Also, don’t overstress yourself, everything is going to be alright. We’re here , by your side, watching your every step and supporting you along the way. Never stop smiling, Lee Minwoo, and please be happy~

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IV drip fighting spirit~ although, I’m in a daze, I’m in a good mood ^^ Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday~♥ Because there’s a pre-recording for Dancing9’s first live broadcast* tonight so please pray that Red team wins~ fighting for the Blue team too!!

*There is no live broadcast for D9 till the last episode. What he means is an open recording with audience.
- 2014-07-28 Minwoo Facebook update
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for 17 years, eric’s signature has been, and still is, the picture of a rabbit. as his personal way of remembering the rabbit he’d accidentally killed as a child.

for 17 years, eric’s signature has been, and still is, the picture of a rabbit. as his personal way of remembering the rabbit he’d accidentally killed as a child.

Happy Birthday, Minwoo~!



Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo turned up the heat in Beijing.

Lee Minwoo held the Beijing leg of his Asia tour, the ‘2014 M+TEN TOUR in BEIJING ‘M STEP” on the 26th at 7:30 PM (local time) at the Beijing ThinkPad SPACE (M SPACE). 3,000 fans were there to enjoy the show.

A day before, at 6 PM on the 25th (local time), Lee Minwoo greeted 300 fans with limited VVIP tickets in a friendly mood at a handshake event at the Beijing Juyuan. Then the day after he started his concert with ‘Minnovation’ and ‘Punch’, shooting out a string of powerful performances to cheers from his fans.

After the opening performances Lee Minwoo greeted his fans in Beijing, saying he hadn’t been there for a while. He promised the concert would be great, then melted hearts with performances of ‘Sweet Girl’, ‘Seducing Honey’, and ‘Mirage’.

He also performed again his interpretations of Girl’s Day’s ‘Something’ and EXO’s ‘Growl’, which made great issues during his Seoul Olympic Park concert in May.


As the heat continued to rise Lee Minwoo sang ‘TAXI’, ‘Thriller’, and a new version of ‘M Style’ remixed with Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’.

The last performances showed off his soft charisma with ‘Last First Kiss’ and ‘Kiss It Away’. Fans stayed even after the end of the concert to shout his name ‘M’, requesting an encore. They also sang happy birthday as a surprise event, as the concert took place just two days before Lee Minwoo’s birthday.

The concert finally came to an end with powerful performances of ‘Play My Song’ and ‘Bump’ for the encore.

Lee Minwoo’s agency Live Works Company said on the 27th, “M Lee Minwoo’s Asia tour concert shone brighter thanks to the many fans who enjoyed the concert with him. We want to thank the fans for continuing to applaud for him, and you can look forward to the Shanghai concert that will conclude his Asia tour.”

Lee Minwoo’s Asia tour will come to an end on August 9th in Shanghai.



Eric and Jung Yumi of ‘Finding True Love’ released a teaser showing them talking of their relationship behind each other’s backs.

On the 27th the producers of the new KBS2 Mon-Tue drama ‘Finding True Love’ (Script by Jung Hyunjung, directed by Kim Sungyoon, Lee Eungbok) released their 6th image video. It showed the Han Yeoreum (Jung Yumi) and Kang Taeha (Eric) couple broken apart sharing their different thoughts about their past relationship.


Kang Taeha first opened his mouth, saying with an expression of longing, “It feels like I’ve become a no-good in love because of her.” Han Yeoreum appears next and says, “My attitude toward my relationships changed after him. I learned how to take control of my own relationships” with a straight face.

Kang Taeha then says confusedly, “I still don’t know why we broke up,” while Han Yeoreum says, “He doesn’t even know he’s been ditched.” Next, Kang Taeha replies in surprise, “Who, me?” The differences in their attitudes humorously show how a couple can think of their relationship so differently.

Then why did this couple, which didn’t hesitate to publicly display their affection, end up in a breakup?

An official from the production company JS Pictures said, “Women and men think of and learn completely different things from a relationship after breaking up. We wanted to make this clear through this ‘backtalking’ video. ‘Finding True Love’ starts when Kang Taeha, who still doesn’t know why they broke up, approaches Han Yeoreum. You can look forward to seeing how Han Yeoreum again matures in the realistic conflicts and concerns that will hit her as she’s dating Nam Hajin (Sungjoon) at the same time.”

'Finding True Love' is a drama that aims to have viewers relate to its story and the honest, bold Han Yeoreum's thoughts. The producers aim to put together a piece that all viewers, whether they be in a relationship or not, can relate to.

It is a collaboration between writer Jung Hyunjung of the ‘I Need Romance’ series and PD Kim Sungyoon of the drama specials ‘Adolescence Medley’ and ‘Why I’m Getting Married’. It airs its first episode on August 18th.



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The difference between the real dancing machine and the one who claims himself to be dancing machine